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Sep 23, 2012 7:30am PDT
in san francisco in los angeles that life sentences for non-violent crimes did nothing to improve public safety but overcrowded prisons. there are never released people from our prisons because they're so overcrowded and we have a choice to release people who are more serious which is what we're doing today are the people that have been sentenced to life for extraordinarily minor crimes they do have to be felonies under california law almost anything north of jaywalking to count as a felony. critter prosecutors have discretion in how they charge of three striking after reports about how they choose to do a of a felony is a third strike and not how many prisoners are we talking about are in the first inning pizzas and second of all prosecutors have discretion why did they change the law. >>> we think it restores the original intent of the three strikes law to keep alive sentences for serious and violent felonies and for the folks of been sentenced to life than a non serious nonviolent crimes like petty theft and drug possession that are a few thousand people there but none of them will b
Sep 30, 2012 7:30am PDT
all minorities she's headed to los angeles next. she was just so down to earth from all that she has been she was an amazing speaker. >>> will move down to los angeles for are rare sight. the 45 with no traffic. it's all for the so-called armageddon for it. >>> a live look at the 45. the improvement project has a 10 mi. stretch of the 45 shut down until 5:00 tomorrow morning. >>> the debate over california's death penalty the groups that say the need is for the sake of public safety with the district attorney joining us next. >>> the big turnout for the bay area tradition or thousands of people should of for the annual walk to end all timers. talking about the first presidential debate advice for both candidates from our politi >>> good morning. starting out chilly and santa rosa and the,,,,,,,, >>> 11 minutes after an o'clock with her of the stuff in pro sports but now warner has suspended the coach of southern california over alleged bounty scandal. grit of a former assistant coach says other coaches on the team offered the boys $20 if they make the kit. the orange county reg
Sep 9, 2012 7:30am PDT
a high of 6952 data los angeles denver chicago or new york lots of sunshine with temperatures in the mid '80s for the southland and back in the bay area the numbers will be unusually cool for this time of year it is supposed to be the warmest of the year in the bay area but not what happened today slowly beginning to increase the numbers in the east bay. as we looked agenda 5 day forecast and as the numbers and begin to come up again next thursday and printable be back in the mid-90s inland and the bay area and the numbers are weaker be the mid-70s and the coast pretty much the mid-60s. have a great sunday. we're two years later sandra continues to rebuild after the massive pipeline explosion. >>> for more on the anniversary and the efforts to reform the status the assemblymen joins us now. a lot of people are wondering in the two years since the explosion what changes have been made to prevent another one of the is happening. greta the happen changes made certain the but the one conclusion i've come to is that it was just a matter of time if it did happen sandron or happen summer house
Sep 16, 2012 7:30am PDT
that new denver and los angeles look pretty good. the fate area forecast with numbers a little warmer than ever yesterday at san jose and 80 and morgan hill and 61 a pacifica and 62 and half moon bay. it still warm in the far east of republic creek 89 degrees and 80 for santa rosa. the five to forecast called the numbers inland to be in the mid '80s for the majority of the week the bay area mid-70s and the coast mid-60s and went ahead they still stake in the '80s going with the cloud cover in the morning and sunday afternoon in chile and the beach and warm inland. >>> there's to measures and the november ballot to seeking an increase in taxes across the state to raise billions of dollars. >>> the governor's position would raise the sales tax and income taxes on high earners. >>> an alternative measure would raise income taxes and all but the lowest earners and most of the money would go to public schools. the key backer of prop 38 is the president of the california pta who joins us now good morning. nobody likes taxes. the poll showed that in the common sense to. but the question is whe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4